Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Elephant and The Ocelot

One day, a pompous elephant was walking through the jungle. Now this elephant would take daily walks in hopes that the other animals would be in awe at his grand presence. He would laud in the accolades bestowed upon him.These compliments would do nothing more than feed his already massive ego. On this particular walk however, he spotted an ocelot tangled in a nearby tree.Now usually, the elephant would ignore such a small creature, however, he saw this as a great opportunity to garner praise from the rest of the animals. More importantly though, he believed that the ocelot would owe him a favor if ever the elephant needed one.The elephant proceeded to extend his trunk, grab the ocelot, and gently place her on the ground."Oh thank you oh merciful and kind elephant," the ocelot said sheepishly. The elephant simply nodded. So pompous was this elephant that he even failed to give the thankful ocelot eye contact. Confused by his reaction, the Ocelot scurried away into the jungle bushes.
Some weeks had past and the tale of the elephant's actions had spread throughout the jungle.Creatures high and low had heard about the elephant's perceived act of nobility. He had gained so much notoriety that the loacl hunters belived that the capture of this beast would be a great accomplishment.
The hunters procceded to set an elaborate trap to seize the elephant.True to the hunters' intentions, they had succeded in capturing the creature. The elephant let out a mighty roar, hoping that any of the jungle's animals would come to his aid. Unfortunately, they all were too busy in their personal affiars to attend to him.
At that instance, the ocelot walked towards the commotion. Shocked at her discovery, she quickly began knawing at the trap. To the the dismay of both creatures, the strands of the net were too strong for her to chew through. Growing every so impatient and enrarged, the elphant shouted, "You incompetent imp! I should have known such a creature as yourself could never aid me in my time of need! I should have never assisted you during your instance of peril." Saddend by this revelation, the ocelot distraughtly walked away, leaving the elephant to its' ineveitable fate. Realizing the error of his ways, the elephant began to whisper to himself before the hunters came to claim their prize:

Those Who Aid Others In Expectations of Returned Favors are Usually Disappointed.

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