Thursday, February 23, 2017

Talented 10th and the Ignorant 5th:: You Don't Know My Name!

by Khalil Hamiduddin 

I have to admit, I'm quite confused. You see, as of last Friday's episode of Real Time Bill Maher, Milo Yanpowhatever (I don’t care enough to look up the actual spelling of his name)  has had a video released, by republicans operatives, that reveled him praising pedophilia and was promptly, as in it took a large public backlash,

1.) Fired this week from Breitbart. 
2.) Lost his book deal. 
3.)Was uninvited from being the keynote speaker at CPAC. 

Sounds like a pretty s*** week if you ask me. From what I read on a random cereal box, Sir Yanpowpowwow is a professional troll that has successfully infiltrated the highest ranks of the GOP with a brand of “humor” ,that had everything except the humor but it bears mentioning anyway, that was quite repellent. His biggest claim to fame, before being chased off of various college campuses by idealistic young liberals ,involved him writing a racist tirade towards actress Leslie Jones simply because she chose to star in the reboot that no one wanted: Less Funny Bridesmaids With Proton Packs... I mean Ghostbusters! His comments, in addition to releasing nude pictures of Ms. Jones, resulted in him being removed from Twitter.Do you know how racist you have to be to get kicked off Twitter? It's like being too racist in the 80s! It should prevent you from doing all sorts of things like, I don't know, being named Attorney General! Literally, if you dare go down that rabbit hole of Twitter, and I’d advise you not to, you will see the very worst of humanity in 120 characters!

You guessed it, released in the 80s!

But how, after being chased off college campuses, and causing riots in his wake, was he able to get so far in this modern era of fame without talent?  I tell you how! He mastered the art of controlled anger, co-opt a movement point it in a direction ,egged on a resistant audience, and then hid his hands. Only now, after he crossed the comedy third rail, has his 15 minutes come to an end. To allow such a individual to rise, even to a level of temporal infamy, should lead us to wonder how entrenched we are in our own biases and prejudices. Especially since this is a reputable and respected political party!

But isn't that they way these things go? Eventually, society will begin to grow weary of those who feel the need to keep their relevance by resorting to outlandish and sensationalized rhetoric and actions. Thank God he isn't American.However, don't throw out your tambourines and confetti yet. I'm pretty sure that this is a precursor of   things to come!

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  1. A perfect case of the chickens coming home to roost of course!