Monday, June 22, 2015

Take 5: Unreleased Songs (The MJ Edition)

5.Satisfy You (Featuring Bryan Loren): MJ originally wrote this song for himself but decided to give it to frequent collaborator Bryan Loren. Bryan does a wonderful job supplying the bulk of the vocals, but MJ's presence on the chorus and background  makes this ballad complete!

4. She's Got It: I know my fellow MJ fans would hate to hear me say this, but this track sounds very similar to something  Prince would have released during his time with the New Power Generation. Don't believe me, Well, I'll let you be the judge...

3.Hot Street: It's amazing that most of Mike's throwaway tracks would be considered standout songs on the projects of other artist..

(Since I am the greatest artist of my time, 
why would I not make an appearance on an entry 
about the greatest artist of his time?)

Anyway, Hot Street, originally known as "Slapstick"...thank God he didn't keep that title, was suppose to be on a little known album entitled might have heard of it! With it's up tempo pace, and synth heavy vibe, it would have fit right at home with the likes of Beat It and P.Y.T.

2.Serious Effect (Featuring LL Cool J):Left on the cutting room floor during the Dangerous era, Serious Effect has MJ aggressively fawning over a mysterious woman. In true MJ fashion, some of the lyrics are quite hard to make out due to his signature tone, but a guest verse from Mr. Ladies Love Cool James himself adds some clarity to MJ's intentions,which are quite serious indeed!

1.On The Line: MJ has always had a knack for inspirational tracks, and they don't come more inspired than the opening song for Spike Lee's 1996 film Get on The Bus. For some odd reason, this song was not featured on the soundtrack or any other subsequent project. Luckily, this gem lives on in the realm of the internet and with today's current affairs, tracks such as these are needed more than ever!

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