Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And So....

I for one have never been a big fan of the “fantasy” genre, to the dismay of some of my peers. So pardon if I’m not huddled in the small corners of random cinemas with the fellow Hogwarts on the eve of the latest Potter release. Nevertheless, while jotting down a couple of random lines, I noticed that I had created a skeleton to a possible fanciful epic/short story. I'm pretty excited because I never ventured to write a narrative in such length . It is quite allegorical being that it details the events leading to a ten year milestone that shall remain reticent. Hopefully, you can derive some meaning from this entry. This is basically a summation of the story, written in metaphorical pros of course. Enjoy…

PS: I usually don't say this but your feedback and personal interpretations would be greatly appreciated


I’ve been chasing a Loch Ness

With a Likeness of Myth like …Distortion

Strapped with an Array of Amulets

Adorned by Lady Luck every 7th of July

A Checklist of a Checkered Past

That Pass as Experience,

And a Vile Filled With Shards

Of Shattered Dreams That fell

From Climbing Tall Tales

On a Rickety, Makeshift

Rainbow That Needs Five Coates

Just to Appear Faded...

So Off I go, into an excursion of relief,

Taking temporary residence

In splintered cardiac lodges

Pumping through dissected lifelines

(Heartbreak hotels)

Its' residents offer their aid-first,

But I must take this trip alone

Off into a Cavalcade of Pulled Sirens

Flight Deficient Sprites

And a chorus of Pseudo Queens of hearts

That sing fractured fairy tales

Of Tainted Jewels Circumvented

With Enigma's Purpose (Sigh)...

Some of the nights were caressed with a colored lunar

And sprinkled with rose pedals…

Awakening latent abilities

Allowing me to Paint (Stroke) Paint

Pictures With the colors of eye sores,

Still, I saw that fragility still existed

So more swipes of edged words at

Vanity fairs carefully shielding the

Corrosion of armor while battling

Barons thought to be dead by

Jousted personalities left

Me on the wrong

Side of witch like ways in a world

Of what if wonderment,

Held together by the hands of twine

(Such a Brave Tailor)

I can’t return to a ravaged home

Constructed with punctured memories

I rather fill it with the next six months

As I arrive at ten years


  1. i spy the odyssey in this poem, and i hope the traveler can one day return home - if only to receive the accolades that usually greet a native son who had to find success on foreign soil.

    from a literary perspective, i want you to choose a form and stick to it. the beauty of structure is that it's set up very quickly and then it fades into the background, letting the persona and content take over. free verse, in this instance, inhibits because the reader cannot get comfortable enough with the form to delve more deeply into the content.

  2. Thanks For the constructive feedback. I swear you were always my toughest critic (winks)