Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling Blu ...

I for one have not been sucked into the Drake hype, especially since I firmly believe that he can not hold a candle to the young west coast native named Blu. Below, there's a link to his track entitled "Remembrance of Me". Be sure to check out his album (Below The Heavens)

DS (Strength in Letters)



  1. could your resistance to Drake also be the result of your penchant for swimming against the mainstream? ;) i'll give this dude, Blu, a listen.

  2. Listening to some of this guys stuff now. Really like what I hear so far. And please, Drake, who? That dumb behind video Kanye' directed for him didn't help at all either.

    Thanks for the new music suggestion!

  3. Yes backstroking against the tide of lackluster music. Yes, that video was horrible, totally didn't convey the song's message (epic fail)