Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Ji Spot- Q&A With JiJi

by Jihan Ji Ji Michael

But first, a word from Da CogNegro:

The summer is upon us and it seems like you’re still unable to find that special someone.  What’s the matter? Binging on “All Natural” Naked beverages didn’t result in the summer body you wanted? Well, here’s a tip: get a dog, no, a cat! Hear me out. The majority of your relationships have ended in great balls of fire, no? This obviously means that you are a glutton for punishment and your ability to judge a person’s character falls somewhere between a Migos Christmas special and a tall cup of Cofveve!


So in a last ditch effort, you’ve come to the blog in hopes at some type of redemption. Well, I can’t save you! I’m too busy reorganizing my Matchbox cars and polishing my Marvel steelbook collection to worry about your trivial pursuits of love and happiness, no offense Al Green! Maybe the homey Ji can help you with her latest vlog. In the meantime, put the romper down and see if you can find a Groupon for some self-respect- CgN 


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