Thursday, April 13, 2017

Art of The Matter :Fuze Aquene Namid - deep like

by Da CogNegro

Be it through his riveting performances, visual mediums,  published work, or simply the effervescence of his encouragement, the energy that shines forth from Fuze Aquene Namid is one of a guiding light.I first had the pleasure of experiencing Fuze some  seven years ago. Once he began his set, I immediately was entranced yet simultaneously blanketed with a calming sense of familiarity. It was as  if he was one of the inner voices that navigated my pen through the peaks and valleys of my existence and formatted my experiences to snugly fit between the rigid margins of life. After subsequent listens, I fully realized that he was indeed a transcendent entity. Fuze continues to be a revered staple in  multiple artistic communities and has headlined a bevy of events.Even with his well deserve acclaim, Fuze walks with a gravitated pace and possesses an inviting demeanor.I am so elated that I recently had the honor of introducing him, as our feature, at our last Spoken Souls event. We all  look forward to continually be lifted by his expression and craftsmanship. Peace  King! - CgN

Bio: Fuze Aquene Namid (fuse a/keen nah/meed) is a poet, creative writer, author, visual/graphic artist, and spiritualist.  For the past 16 years, his expression entity known as i*stimyouleye has provided creative writing, visual and audio concepts for book, music, film, commercial, and workshop purposes.  His latest work is book #13 of his i*Publish collection, entitled LOVE POEMS FOR AUSET.

In the words of a 6th grade student
who witnessed Fuze speak at her school:
"He's class without pretend... style without offense...
A field beneath the freeways
and New York with country ways...
He never talks of freedom
because he lives it everyday."


deep like

The ocean gave you up
That I should have salt
And water
Only begotten daughter,
Your wet taste consumes me
Your liquid love hydrates
Oxygen relies on the 2 of us
Together we conduct electricity
We erode chaos
The *end* has never been
Further away
Such a ridiculous fright tactic!
This ocean proceeds calmly the space
My heart floats
Fantasizing—riding your waves
Through storm and wind
Always settling back into natural place
Unmoved with no trace of disturbance

The shore is not my guide
But reminder, an outlining myth
That your presence is divine
Not promised, yet never to be broken

Pants legs stand up
Ankles teased by a playful line
Hour glass sands of time move on—
Yet I am stuck, fixated
On your body and every woman song you chant
With a chorus of seabirds dancing and singing background

Will you, stay with me?

I want to bury myself in your ample abundance
Like the child I sometimes need to be
For you are always mother (goddess) to my nature
Your arms fling wide, welcoming

My drowning heart

I proceed forward into love.


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