Friday, July 15, 2016

Art of The Matter: Naima Yetunde Ince - Woman You Are Mighty

Naima Ince  Yetunde doesn't just recite a piece, she commands it to do her will. From the timber of her voice down to the gestures she utilizes to materialize the intangible, her performances are soul stirring pieces of art that leave lasting impressions and act as landmarks of enlightenment. Her soul has definitely made its' rounds throughout the cosmos. Just be sure that you have a front row seat when she decides to land!  You can catch Ince this Saturday, July 16th, at the Men Always Leave Fundraiser located on 3824 Jackson Street, Raleigh NC! She will be joined by fellow artist Wordsof Mensah, Maya Imani & our very own D.S Williams!-CgN


Originally from Brooklyn NY, Naima Yetunde "Ince" has been taking the Triangle area by storm. A recent native of NC, Ince has already left her signature mark at various spoken word venues and has since become a member of The Women's Theater Festival.Showing that she is more than your average "Jane of All Trades", Ince is currently directing an original one act play entitled Men Always Leave. This telling story of family, betrayal, love and ultimately, self discovery was actually inspired by one of her original, spoken word pieces that shares the same title, thus proving the malleable nature of her work. Equipped with positive energy, enthusiasm and team spirit, she has thrown herself into the very core of The Women's Theater Festival! And like the very light at the end of the proverbial tunnel,Ince's star power, like the mission of the Women's Theater Festival, will continue to illuminate as she shares her mission to create, produce, promote and most importantly, inspire!

Woman You Are Mighty

Your strength is held in how high you hold your head,
Your piercing eyes gaze to the tops of horizons designing cities around the root of your heart The slope in your back, your stance tells stories far beyond your lips. The weight in your hips ache from the power you create, birthing kings and queens. Your beauty is not outdated, And your diverse tones, smiles and intense variation of intellect Beckon ears to take notice to what you offer. Often your frame is lusted after, and you denounce the name, Forgetting the depth of the being God created in you to match the popular trends…It’s a shame. Your natural beauty is enough to light up any sky passed the glare of the sun. The golden tints, olives, and reds, many hues design your physique. What’s important are the gems underneath, the little quirks that make you, you. The way your heart sings or whimpers depending on the effects of emotion, How you cut up with your girls and desire the romance that rocks you endlessly, How you dream even in your dreams of the deepest passions that bring you joys, What you wish to do most with your time, share that special heart with all of us, Love is far beyond the surface, you have something so valuable to share with us, Deep within… Passed the notation or concept of depth. It’s the place where your colors match the flow of the sea And wisdom and strength is all we can drink, carry the world with the spirit that so many of us lack Give us that special gem that God implanted deep within. Respect our difference and love so strong, woman you roar louder than any drum.

This Saturday's Lineup!

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